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Subject: Triglycerides
Funny you should ask about testimonials. Todd just had a physical and went today to the doc to get results. Here are his tryglycerides numbers for the past 4 years:
  • 1998 – 537 (way high! normal is less than 150)
  • 1999 – 409
  • 2000 – 324
  • 2002 – 233 (yippeee!)
Todd never did the outrageous doses of Niacin that doctors use for high tryglycerides. In ’99 he started taking one salmon oil at night (409). In 2000, he began taking two salmon oil per night (324). In 2001, I added garlic to his regime (only one), and look at his 233 now! I’m going to add one more salmon and have him take the normal 2 garlic tab dose, and see what happens next year! (Todd needs to bring up his HDL a bit, thus more salmon) We go at things rather slowly, so even with the small doses of salmon and garlic ~ such improvement!!! And Todd is 50 now, and ALL of his lipid (fat) numbers look better than they did four years ago!!
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