Tinnitus Injuries Neurological Damage

testimonial about tinnitus

There are numerous causes for tinnitus; injuries, neurological damage, ear infections, oxidative stress, foreign objects in the ear, allergies, inflammation of the sinuses, wax build-up and exposure to loud sounds. In some cases, if the source can be identified and removed the ringing will go away.
Nutritionally, we would surely suggest they were on some Salmon Oil Plus – if they’re dealing with an inflamed nerve – and Super B, which is also helpful with nerve conduction.

Here’s a testimonial about tinnitus. You might find it helpful:

My husband was diagnosed with Tinnitus many years ago because of loud machinery and not wearing ear protection at his job. He has increased his GNLD program from time to time and basically takes 1 Active 40+, 2 Phytopaks, 6 or 8 Super C’s and protein when I nag him. He barely notices the Tinnitus now. – Aileen


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