Staph Infections, MRSA and GNLD Phytodefense


MRSA is a strain of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to anti-infective agents whose action is based on blocking penicillinase, an enzyme that inactivates penicillin, (then we are on the same page).  People with MRSA infections should be isolated and appropriate mask-gown-glove precautions used, depending on the site of the infection.

I had this except  it was the VRSA strain after I delivered Donna. I was in ICU for 28 days and finally took on the problem myself and that is why I am here yet today.  This is a very dangerous strain and there are no medications for it.   So, if the person is at home, I would go in with Aloe Vera Juice, a little every hour; 1 garlic, 1 acidophilus every hour,  Liqui Vite every hour and at least 1 PhytoDefense 3 times a day, and protein, a little, several times per day.  It is very important to keep the bowels open so that the toxins are being released.  Basically, this is all I could do for myself as I wasn’t able to have any supplements.  I took 15 Neo Lax and the 4th day of taking 15 per day, my body finally responded and broke loose.   I went home 2 days later and then begin to rebuild my body with supplements.  


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