Sky Got an A+ – Pet Pal, Full Motion, Salmon Oil

Sky got an A + at her recent physical!


Saturday, we took Sky, our 12 ½ year old Border Collie for her annual physical.  Her regular Veterinarian was away and she was seen by a visiting Vet. 


When he asked her age, he was shocked and, as the physical progressed, he was impressed for sure.  He said he has never seen a dog in as good of physical condition as she is for 12 ½ years old.


The first thing he said is he would never guess her age.  He said she looks half her age, 6 years old.


He checked her teeth and couldn’t believe how clean and shiny they were.  Her gums were healthy.


He checked the movement in her legs and hips; he said she has absolute complete motion.


He checked her coat and was absolutely amazed.  He said she is the only dog he has ever checked in the state of Arizona that didn’t have dry skin.  Then, of course, there is the thick and shiny coat of hair which everyone notices!


He checked for lumps and bumps and there were none.  He was surprised and he was impressed.  He said “whatever you are doing, keep doing it, and don’t change a thing”.  Sky is in fabulous shape.


Here is what we are doing for Sky


  • Pet Pal – 4 tablets daily (two are recommended for her size but she is 12 ½ years old so we feel she may need extra)
  • Salmon Oil Plus – 1 capsule daily
  • Full Motion – 1 tablet daily


Needless to say, we are very happy to receive this great news and hope you will share this information with others.  We can help all pets to better health through good nutrition and GNLD.



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