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Bone Density Test before Posterior/Anterior Spine Surgery  

In January of 1998 I was told I had to have a major surgery on my spine or within 6 months I would spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair.  Three nationally known spine/scoliosis specialists verified this.  I chose surgery.  It would be a 12-hour front and back, top to bottom procedure.  It would alleviate severe scoliosis, repair stenosis which had closed the spinal canal by over 85% and correct a previous bone graft which slipping out of the spinal column about to sever my spinal cord. 

The surgeon, hospital, therapists and helpers were chosen.  Early on, during one visit, my surgeon expressed his concern that my bones looked soft and if they are indeed “soft” he could not/would not perform the surgery, therefore, I would be in a wheel chair.  I said, I can’t believe I have soft bones, I have taken GNLD calcium for 20 years. 

He asked some questions:           

  • Do you take Estrogen?  No, too much breast cancer in my family.           
  • Do you do weight bearing exercises?  No, I have been unable to stand long or walk far for over three years.

I was 57 years old and this did not look good.  A Bone density test was taken at the hospital.  The Dr. called with the results.  He was laughing.  “You have perfect bones! Density is 103%, AMAZING.” I give GNLD products credit for my healthy, strong bones. 

Every day for 20 years I have taken a complete, daily program of these valid, credible, unique, food-sourced, proven products.  I believe the products that have most effected my bone health are:

  • Formula Four  – 2 packages per day, or
  • 1 Active 40 and 1 packet Formula Four which is always the first for any program to       insure/assure that the cells experience increased absorption and utilization of food and food supplements.
  • Cal-Mag – 6 tablets and 1 capsules
  • Neo-Cal – 2 each day
  • Beta Gest – 2-3 per day, 1 before bed with majority of Calcium. To help body receive and utilize calcium 
  • Threshold “C” – 6 per day.  It is a good idea to take extra C when                                  supplementing with Calcium.              
  • Multi-Mins – 4 each day, to balance/complete mineral profile             
  • SuperEase Protein – 1 delicious drink each day (I have also recorded the pre and post surgery nutritional support program that got me to and through this procedure. 
  • I am not a doctor and I do not prescribe, but I am happy to share with others what helped me during this time.  Please contact your GNLD distributor if you would like to receive this information.)   Toni  

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