Prostate Cancer Progress by Alan Faye

testimonial prostate cancer
 May 11, 2011
I still have my prostate cancer to deal with.  I was scheduled for radiation treatment to start a week ago.
Now I have a maybe better plan.  Whereas my PSA went up to 15.5 in January and my “Gleason Score was 4+4 = 8” and the cancer showed some minimal metastasizing on to the pubic bone; I started LHRH “hormone treatment in February.  In just 2 months my PSA had dropped to 2.  I called my urologist and said I wanted to stay on the hormone treatment for awhile before doing any thing else.  He agreed.  On May 18, I will have my 2nd hormone “shot” and see the doc.  Also will do a PSA check next week.  If needed, I could do another biopsy to see how the cancer stands.  And after that, they could do another bone scan and CT scan.  In between the injections every 3 months, I am on “Casodex” daily hormone pill that gives me hot flashes and female symptoms!!!!
Main thing is:  the first thing to do with high PSA is biopsy and then LHRH hormone treatment.  It reduces testosterone, which otherwise “feeds” the cancer. If I had known that last October, when I first called with the PSA at 10, in addition to doubling the Phyto and the double Cruciferous doses, I should have started the LHRH.  Live and learn.   Hope it will do the job now.  Still on my Phyto, Active 40+ and on and on. Dr. said the hormone treatment will attack the bones, so HEAVY on the NEO-CAL and Cal-Mag.

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