Polymyalgia and PSA Levels

Polymyalgia testimonial
Story from Down Under
“We have walked an interesting path during the last 12 months-my husband had polymyalgia very severely plus a PSA level that was ‘off the page (39+)-he is age 75. He decided to ‘give it everything’ and tackled it on three fronts-all the GNLD antioxidants that he could swallow plus the pill the Urologist demanded that he take, and we had a beautiful healing service for him at our little church in the village where we live in northern NSW. After all this during six months – and–low and behold the next PSA reading was a low 1+. No more talk of surgery now! Sue
Comment by Jim: I have been amazed at how responsive elevated PSA levels are to GNLD antioxidants. I had one friend whose had been treated for prostate cancer. His PSA was climbing and the doctor told him that the cancer was probably returning. After using Active 40+ and Carotenoid Complex his PSA dropped to .01. The doctor told him that he did not know they measured it that low. He never had further problems with the prostate.
Active 40+
Carotenoid Complex – Build the Immune system
Cruciferous – kills cancer cells
Flavinoids – reduce the growth of cancer cells by 80%
are all available from your GNLD (Neo-Life) distributor.

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