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Hello all!

Several years ago, when our Nutriance Skin Care was introduced, I received calls from customers asking why we do not put Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) in our products, because most other products had them, and they seemed to make the skin so much softer.

I called Home Office and was told that AHA’s are an acid (duh) and actually damage the skin, causing sensitivity, and once use is stopped, the skin shows aging and wrinkles more! So, I passed this information along to our customers, and have made sure “I” have not purchased any product with AHA’s in them.

Tonight (Feb. 10, 2003), on our local CBS news, I caught a segment that talked about AHA’s and how the FDA is now being asked to put warnings on ALL products containing AHA’s (which are MOST lotions and skin care products now) because they leave the skin extremely sensitive to ultra violet rays, causing aging to occur at a more rapid rate, and possibly will contribute to skin cancer.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our scientists at GNLD, and how they look at what is really best for us over the LONG HAUL, and not just how to make some quick bucks at the expense of our customers! ‘Tis truly a blessing to be associated with this company!

Have a ‘sunny’ day!

Pam   (the one with the ‘happy’ skin :-))
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Nutriance Hand and Body Lotion

I recently received a call from a woman in Canada. I have never spoken with her before. She is 65 years old and called me because of another customer of mine. She wanted to know if I would sell her some “cream”. It took us awhile what with her english accent and my country one but I finally found out that it was the Nutriance Hand and Body Lotion she was seeking. She told me that she had rosacea and that she had tried all the prescription medications. While they got rid of the redness the med’s left very dry patches on her face.  She was given a bottle of the Nutriance Hand and Body Lotion and not only did it get rid of the rosacea in 1/2 the time that the prescription medicine, but it also left her skin smooth. She even says that her friends want to know what she is using because they have noticed that her skin looks more radiant. While I am confident that all of GNLD’s products are simply the best it is always very nice to hear of others experiences with them.

God Bless,

Lynn Cothran

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