Lung Cancer Testimony And the Benefits of Gnld Supplements

lung cancer

These are the Gnld supplements that my Mom, and I are taking. The positive results are very evident just by looking at Mom and hearing her health reports today as compared with 2 years ago. We are enjoying the benefits of proper nutrition – loosing weight, stopping medications and having the energy to exercise.

See attached brochures you requested. (The brochures being: ……….

The Doc’s were telling Mom two years ago to “call in the family and get your affairs in order.” Now we go to see them quarterly as a courtesy. Mom likes to see their faces when they view the x-rays and blood work (which they describe as phenomenal). She has just had her fourth “great” 3-month check up and has not been on any Chemo for over 15 months. She has gained 16 lbs. Of muscle mass and good fat, and the color is coming back in her hair.

Her hairdresser is “amazed!” Her four doctors are just scratching their heads and have no explanation for her “rebound” in health and the absence of a growing cancer. They just say to “keep doing whatever you are doing…because they have no explanations.” They have all requested a list of her “supplements” for their files, but their medical indoctrination keeps them from seeing the ‘obvious’ right in front of their faces. They do admit “Nutrition is always important.”

 Two Christmases ago Mom was hospitalized in a very weakened condition, and a hospital physician, substituting for our family doctor over a weekend, took it upon himself to advise Mom, you and your son have way too ”rosy” an outlook. You should be ‘optimistic’ but not ‘unrealistic’ – you are a very sick person and you should spend your energy getting your affairs in order.” Of course, I hit the fan when she told me, and I requested he never attend to my mother again. Attitude is everything.

 One of my brothers even said recently, “Well, we are so pleased they misdiagnosed Mom, and her condition wasn’t as serious as they thought.” I said…”Yea, you are probably right. The first three years of “weekly” blood work, countless x-rays, cat-scans, pet-scans, and biopsies confirmed by the MAYO Clinic-were probably all ‘misdiagnosed’!”

 My mother had stage 4-lung cancer (the most serious). She has gone from 24/7 concentrated oxygen – to – light oxygen “while reclining or sleeping only.” (which she did even ‘before cancer – because she was a smoker and has had bronchitis for 20 years). We recently were able to make the 11-hour drive to North Carolina for a wedding. When my mother was invited – it was just a formality – they didn’t really believe she would/could come. She did great!

 We have no doubt that the GNLD Food Supplements have fed her at the cellular level – even when she was too sick to eat – and enabled her body to respond where others do not.



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