Heart Coronary Exam Results With Neolife

heart examDear friend,

I specifically want you to see the results of My Coronary and Carotid Arteries. The Cardiologist was stupefied with the ZERO plaque, and all Normal Arteries, especially since my father died of a stroke at 52 and my mother died of a massive heart attack and the fact I’m nearly 82. I have never taken any kind of medicine or drug such as a Statin drug for Cholesterol.

Some of you know that the NeoLife whole food sourced supplements saved my life back in 1980 when my prayers were answered. I won’t go into all of the health issues I was suffering with before that, but after starting the NeoLife supplements my health issues were no longer a problem and I continue to get even better with each passing year.

There is a particular “Healthy Heart” whole food supplement program which I attest to the wonderful results of the following Coronary Arteries scans , CT, etc.

I especially encourage those of you who have never had tests for Calcification/Plaque in your arteries, to do so.

When Sully wrote his final message last Wednesday, I felt that I cannot ignore the cropped-gnld-testimonials.jpgpossibility of others who may suffer from similar issues as Sully. That’s why I’m writing this to you now, today. If you have ever had stints or bypass surgery or previous tests showing plaque, (cholesterol buildup) in the arteries, you undoubtedly are a candidate for the “Healthy Heart” whole food supplements.

NeoLife has been the Leader Worldwide, in the Scientific Field of Whole Food Supplementation, Gluten-Free, No GMO’s, since 1958. Their Science is referenced in peer-Reviewed Journals and periodicals. They have a 12 member Scientific Advisory Board in-house, on-staff who are esteemed Scientists with too many numerous degrees to mention in this letter

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