H PYLORI And the Benefits of GNLD Liquivite

H Pylori

Do you have any information on H Pylori?

Hi, I believe it has to do with distal portion of the stomach or to the opening between the stomach and duoedenum.   Symptoms are vomiting (projectile), dehydration and can reach the point of not being able to eat.  If it is a child, I would give them fresh papaya made into a paste, sips of water or suck on ice.   An adult could eat the papaya, take enzymes, beta gest and drink Liqui Vite and after feeling better, add protein.    One needs to watch the bowels because if dehydration occurs, they will need help.   Mona

H pylori is a bacteria that gets into the stomach lining, causing painful ulcers. Nobody is really certain why some people get it and others don’t (in other words, it’s transmission is a mystery). I suspect, like with many other bacteria and viruses, that people who are not taking care of themselves are much more susceptible to this than healthy people.
Poor dietary habits can contribute to h pylori outbreaks. For example, too much coffee, carbonated beverages and alcohol, not eating on a schedule, bad fats, excessive sugars and not eating the right foods.
My cousin, Rebecca, has had h pylori in the past and swears by our Beta-Gest, Enzymes and Aloe Vera juice. As long as she takes these she never has a problem. I seem to remember that aloe has some antibacterial qualities so this may be why our Aloe works so well for her.

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