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GR 2 Control Testimonial – Chuck Shelton

In just 7 1/2 weeks Chuck lost 42 1/2 pounds, Cholesterol went from 264 to 166.  Triglycerides went from 385 to 83.   Chuck had a serious heart attack and his risk ration was 8.8.  The doctor said with a risk ratio of 8.8 he probably would not live a year.  His risk ratio is now 4.1 and he is going strong 1 year later!

Congratulations, Chuck!

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Thank you, Al and Joan Colgrove, for sharing the following GR2 Control Testimony.

Dear Al and Joan:

The diet has been a great success story for both of us.  Your Scientists have really figured out what works!

In about three months, we lost the weight we wanted to (45 lbs. for Roger and 17 for me) and have felt energetic and productive.  We’ve gained an appreciation for some different foods and have pretty much lost our taste for the junk food that had been making us fat and sluggish.

The guidelines in the booklet were very helpful in choosing mini-meal foods and deciding what to make for dinner.

We are continuing with one shake a day and are so delighted with our slimmer selves!

Thanks for all your encouragement, and for keeping us supplied.

Ann and Roger C

Bozeman, Montana

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Happy New Year, Everyone!

As i am sure you are all aware, now is the time to get ready for the annual rush to diet. The holidays are a challenge for our waistlines and the big business in weight loss comes in January- right after the holidays! Be sure to take advantage of this market with our GR2.

A personal testimony – by continuing to drink the GR2 each and every morning throughout the holiday season and being careful not to eat a lot of desserts, I was able to keep my weight stablized through the holidays – you can do it too – GR2 in the morning and NO to dessert!


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September, 2002

I have had a weight problem since childhood, and over the years have tried a number of weight-loss programs. I would lose some weight, but always gained it back, and then some. Several years ago I finally gave up. However, I kept gaining a few pounds each year. Standing barely over 5 feet tall, I knew the health risks were mounting with every extra pound I carried. Besides the health risks, I had very little energy and a low self image.

When GNLD introduced GR2 Control, I knew this was the beginning of a new, healthier life for me. I began the program in April, 2001 and lost 20 pounds in two months. My mother-in-law passed away in early June, and our lives became a whirlwind for 3 months. When I decided to go back on the program at the end of August, I was shocked and thrilled to see that I had not gained even one pound during the three months I was off of it.

I went on to lose an additional 35 pounds by the end of November. I went off the program until the beginning of February. My goal during that period was simply to maintain my weight, which I did. I did not gain any weight through the holidays! I went back on the program and to date have lost a total of 75 pounds.

I have gone from wearing a size 1X to a 10 petite. When I started, I set 3 goals for myself – to lose 20 pounds, 50 pounds, and 75 pounds. I am thrilled to have reached my ultimate goal of losing 75 pounds.

GR2 Control has given me a whole new life! I no longer worry about the health risks of being overweight. I have more energy than I have had since before our oldest child was born 13 years ago. I feel great about myself and how I look. When someone asks me what GR2 Control’s side effects are, I take great pride in telling them that the side effects to this program are more energy, a positive self-image, and lots of compliments!


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Producs used:  Formula IV Plus, Salmon Oil Plus, GR2 Weight Loss Program


“Over a year ago I was diagnosed as an overweight diabetic with high cholesterol. Soon after that I started taking Formula IV Plus, Salmon Oil Plus and the GR2 Weight Loss program. At my recent physical, 9 months after starting on my “Feel Better” program, my physician informed me that I had lost 40 pounds, I was no longer a diabetic and that he was taking me off of my 3 cholesterol medications. He told me to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’ve never felt better. What a difference your products make!  Thank you!” – Clay

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From: John Miller

As to your questions;

The GR Control products should not be a problem for healthy nursing mothers desiring to lose weight. We need to be cautious though as nursing does have a high energy demand. In fact, nursing is one of the best things a new mother can do to help lose the weight gained during pregnancy.  Additionally, anytime we can help someone get their blood glucose levels stable it is a good thing. The Meal Replacement Protein Shakes represent only food in the body so there is nothing unusual there. The fiber in Appetite Reducer is not absorbed so it is essentially inert in a metabolic sense. The herbs in Thermogenic Enhancer certainly get into the body and have an effect on energy utilization at the cellular level, but we have not seen any scientific data that shows that there would be any concern for nursing mothers, or even that the actives would get carried over in milk production. Thus, for a healthy nursing mother we would see no concern.

As to the person with iron absorption difficulty, they should continue to do whatever they are doing now to combat this problem. If they are taking high dose iron supplements, which is a common treatment, they should continue to do so. The products should not have any effect positive or negative in terms of iron absorption.

Warm regards, JOHN

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my testimony after being on the GR2 Control weight loss program for only three weeks and two days.  When I stepped on the scales the first day I began the GR2 Control it was no surprise that I was about 20 lbs heavier than my heaviest weight ever.  It was definitely time to start the program. I have “dieted” all of my life so I’ve tried many different programs going way back to high school.  The first day I lost 3 lbs. The second day I lost 2 lbs. It was so easy, I only weighed myself for the first week because I couldn’t belive I’d keep losing weight and didn’t want to become discouraged. I lost 7 lbs. in the first week. I then put the scales away until the GR2 Control meeting here in Atlanta. Just figured I’d be surprised. However, I did continue to use the measuring tape a few times a week while I wasn’t stepping on the scale.  My jeans kept getting baggier and the sleeves on my shirts kept getting longer. During that three weeks I went down a whole dress size and am about down another size which will put me in my “regular” size clothes.  I still plan to go down another size below that. But I felt like the fat has been melting off my body. People who have no idea that I’m working on a program are now beginning to come up to me and comment about how great I’m looking and asking if I’m losing weight!  This has been a very easy program to figure out and to follow because there is a large selection of food, fruits, veggies, protein and grains (starches) that you can choose from. So you don’t get bored eating the same things over and over. And the new protein drink tastes great!  You just mix it with water so you can take it with you anywhere you go.  I always keep the tablets, a mini meal and one serving of the protein drink with me at all times in case I get stuck somewhere.  I have only exercised three times during this three weeks. (That’s getting ready to change!) I know if I would have been more faithful in that more inches would have come off quicker although I’m totally satisfied with the results so far.  There are many people who have tried many different kinds of “diets” and most of the people I know feel like they’re bouncing off the walls and can’t sit still nor concentrate. Their programs generally contain either sugar, caffeine or ephedrine. With GR2 Control, I’ve felt healthy, well, stable. Not like I can’t sit still or like I have to eat. My focus is not food on this program. You eat five times a day so you don’t have an opportunity to get hungry.  The science is very simple to understand and makes sense. Learning that information I haven’t had any sweets nor been tempted to eat them when my friends have been eating home made brownies or hot fudge Sundays.  And I feel even better after they’ve finished their sweets and I still feel great and they still want more. I feel very satisfied.  The results after three weeks and two days on GR2 Control are, I’ve lost 12 lbs and 7 1/4 inches. 3 1/4 inches are off my waist! Huge difference. One of the biggest differences I can also see is the weight loss in my face.  I’m thrilled about this new program and would encourage anyone who struggles with their weight to give it a try for at least two weeks.  You won’t want to stop! The good part is that I now realize what needs to happen to keep the weight off once I’ve reached my goal.  There’s a lot more to say but this is the most important information to get started. Have fun!!

Kim  K

Atlanta, Georgia

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Hello GNLD friends,

I followed the GR2 Control Instructions to the letter !!! I walked a few days for lunch then came back and had a shake… I did cheat some !!! I did take a day off or two when I was in Florida !!! I drank more water, about double what I usually do which was good, because it kept me regular… If I slipped up then I felt constipated, which was false, since I didn’t really have anything in my system…. I never stopped drinking black coffee. I ate the meals recommended in the plan, i.e. steak, fish ( Darla has even bought me pork chops, since I have missed them the last decade or two “hehe”), salads, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini or squash in water… I stopped the mini-meal because I found it was too much for me to eat in one day since I was not exercising. I can see the need if I was running or playing a lot of tennis.. So I will pick the snack up as needed… Generally, I found that the combination of the tablets, the shake for breakfast and lunch was quite filling. I have lost interest in eating sweets for I feel satisfied. I don’t need more sleep, I feel like I can do with less, but I am careful to get a good night’s sleep and not cheat on that aspect. I lost 10 lbs. quickly, the other weight loss has come slower, which was expected, I plan to lose at least 25 to the max of 35 lbs. total. Lastly, I had the Vanilla Whisper, which I am glad I did for it tastes the best, now that I have tried the Chocolate. This doesn’t mean the Chocolate tastes bad, the Vanilla Whisper just tastes better to me !!! Here are the Digital pictures that I used in the poster that I created for the GR2 Control meeting in Atlanta. In review I started on Feb 17, 2001 and lost 16 lbs. in three weeks, 4 inches in my belt.   I went from 236 to 220…. That is about it !!!

Hank F

Hank before GR2 Control – 236 lbs. Hank 3 weeks later on GR2 Control – 20 lbs and dropping!

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Try these with an herbal tea. Eat only

  • one choice per mini-meal. 
  • one item from List A and one item from List B. 
  • Or, you can pick only one item from List C.List A:Sliced whole nectarine
    ½ apple
    fresh fruit kabob (grapes, pineapple, strawberries, tangerines etc.)
    1 cup of melon
    ½ cup of berries (strawberries, blackberries or raspberries)
    1 slice of whole wheat bread
    ½ pear
    ½ cup Roma Tomatoes
    ½ cup grapesList B:½ cup low fat (1%) cottage cheese
    1 cup low fat, unsweetened yogurt
    ½ oz. Chopped hazelnuts ( 2 Tablespoons)
    ½ cup cubed, reduced-calorie Cheddar, Colby, Munster or Swiss cheese
    1 oz. Wedge of Brie
    8 oz. Glass of skim milk
    1 oz. Wedge of Camembert cheese
    1 slice of prosciutto, lean ham, cheese ore turkey (or 2 wedges of lean ham)
    1 hard boiled egg

    List C:

    (choose only one item from this group)

    1 oz. Almonds (10), cashews (dry roasted) (9), walnuts, pistachios (11), peanuts (16)
    2 cups raw vegetables with salsa-sour cream dip
    ½ cup cheese (low fat) and red pepper spread on celery stalks (2)
    1 cup vegetable soup
    any salad made with vegetables on the ENJOY list (using low calorie
    salad dressing, flavored vinegars, or lemon juice with a few drops of soy
    sauce. I use favorite, regular dressing and use one part to three parts
    Balsamic vinegar. Seasoned gourmet rice wine vinegar is great by itself!)


    Bread with Brie
    Hard boiled egg: over toast sprinkled with hot pepper, Or with 5 Greek olives
    Sliced Nectarine with 2 T chopped Hazelnuts
    1/2 Avocado with Lemon Juice
    ½ apple with ½ cup reduced-calorie cheese
    1 slice prosciutto with 1 cup melon ( or melon with lean ham)
    ½ cup low fat cottage cheese with berries
    1 slice whole grain bread with lettuce, feta cheese, red onion, salt & pepper
    1 cup low-fat yogurt with berries
    1 slice of whole grain bread with ham, cheese or turkey and onions, salsa, mustard or pickles
    ½ pear with 1 oz. Brie, a great salad in the afternoon!
    ½ cups grapes with a wedge of Camembert cheese
    any fruit from the ENJOY list
    1 cup Roma Tomatoes with ½ cup Mozzarella (low fat), basil and lemon juice


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Subject: GR2 Control Glycemic Response weight, Diabetes, Cardiovascular results

Great Results with GR2 so far, March 7, 2001

Bobbie Wendschlag, (CA) is a diabetic. She took the products to her Doctor before she started. He said it was fine for her to use. She just loved it.  In 8 weeks she lost 16 #. Her blood sugar went to normal and remained stable.  Her cholesterol dropped. She said her Doctor was very pleased.

Chuck Shelton (TX) age 60, started at 246#  In six weeks, lost 30#

Charlotte Shelton (TX) lost 20# in six weeks

Chuck’s blood chemistry at start and after only two weeks:
Glucose 140—121 (down 8%)
Total Cholesterol 264—213 (down 20%)
Triglycerides 385—128 (down 67%)
HDL 30—-36 (up 20%
LDL 157—151 (down 4%
Risk Ratio 8.8—5.9 (down 51%) still needs
He will do another blood chemistry in six weeks, (8 wks from start)

Linda Spaulding (CA) lost 11# first 2 weeks, by four weeks, 13# and 9 inches:  down one dress size

Shirley Collins (CA) lost 15# in first two weeks

Betty Teuscher (TX) lost 10# first three weeks, no asthma symptoms, need for two Phytodefense Paks no longer. Still takes one for general health

Tony Brassfield (CA) needed to lose 80 #, has lost 60# , loves the program

Ted Morrow (MT) has lost 20 #

Merenna Morrow (MT) has lost 12#

Shirley Carmack (GA) has lost 12 #

Jacinth Waldron , husband, and daughter (FL) have lost a combined total of 50#.

We all say we never have the “hungrys”, love the shakes, feel fantastic, that it is SAFE, and EASY!!

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“Thank you for your recent information on GR-2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake and weight-loss program.  I know the weight loss program works – I LOST 30 LBS. USING GR-2 Weight Loss Program.  I felt great during the whole process and am so glad I made the decision to follow through with the program.”

P D    Jan. ’10

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