Genital Warts, HPV and GNLD Flavonoid Complex


Subject: Human Papillomavirus or HPV (Genital Warts)
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 14:47:14 -070

My husband and I have personally discovered that one of the most common, and contagious, viruses is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – those of you who know what this is will understand the difficulties in dealing with it. For several years we would both be treated for this condition only to keep passing it back and forth to each other. The treatments included burning or freezing the little warts off only to have them return in a few weeks to several months. We seemed to be getting nowhere.

We’d been using the Feel Better program for about 18 months and other than the HPV we were doing great. We had more energy, we were sleeping better and seemed to be getting more out of life – just like the Greene Byrds said we would. Finally, I convinced my husband to let me ask them about the HPV. And, are we ever glad we did!

They shared with us some information about the powerful immune boosting capabilities of Flavonoid Complex (we were already on Carotenoids) and how flavonoids in general help to protect us from viruses. We had nothing to lose, so we took their advice and bought two bottles of Flavonoid Complex – one for me and one for my husband. We each took two a day and the most amazing things have happened to us.

At the end of the first month my husband noticed that all outward signs of his HPV were GONE! It’s been over a year now and – amazingly – they have never returned for him. And neither have mine! I had just had mine treated by a doctor before starting the Flavonoids. It would usually return in 3 to 6 weeks for me, but like my husband, I’ve never had a reoccurrence since we started on Flavonoids. This is especially good news for me, because HPV can sometimes lead to cervical cancer and who wants to have to deal with that?!

Thank you GNLD! Thank you Flavonoid Complex! And thank you to the Greene Byrds for not passing judgment on us, but caring enough to help us get rid of this.


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Hi guys,

I wanted to tell you about a young girl who attends my church. She is 12 years old and for the last 5 years has struggled with warts all over her hands. She had them on the top of her hands and the insides of her palms. Her mom asked me if there was something that GNLD had that would help her. She had been to doctor after doctor and had tried all the traditional medical procedures. I told her to try the carotenoid complex since it is proven to boost your immune system and since warts are caused by a virus that apparently her immune system was not functioning up to speed. She is not able to swallow pills so I recommended using the vita-gards and vita-squares. She ordered a bottle of each and I am happy to report that yesterday at church her mother approached me and when I asked her about the warts she said, “Girl, those warts are gone”!!! She was very very happy and when I asked her daughter to see her hands she very proudly showed them to me and told me, “My hands feel naked, now that they are gone”. I love GNLD and am so happy to be able to help people with confidence knowing that our products will work. Thank you GNLD for all that you do. The next time someone asks you about your home based business you can boldly tell them that you are glad that they asked and be confident that you have the answer they are searching for.

Lynn  C

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