Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion Cyst

I used to suffer from ganglions in the wrist. When I went to the doctor he said to go home and bash it with a big book. He suggested the family Bible if I had one big enough! He said the only other way was to have them surgically removed. However, since I have been on GNLD I have not had a ganglion. (My father used to get them too, maybe there is a tendency??)
I take FF+, Nourishake, Salmon Oil, Vit E, Vit A, Carotenoid, Flavonoid and a few others. I didn’t start taking GNLD for ganglions, it was to help heal a shattered shoulder. Getting rid of my ganglions was just another added benefit I got when I took GNLD. That’s the great thing about the products – start taking it for one problem and you fix other problems as well!!

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