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Anni Marie writes:

A customer of ours recently wrote down her experience with using GNLD’s acidophilus and her son’s ear infections. Here’s what she wrote –

“Daniel was born shortly after midnight early in the summer. He had a good appetite and slept through the night starting that very first day of his life. In many ways, he was the perfect new born. He awoke in a good mood, ate well, entertained himself well and slept well. The neighborhood referred to him as “Mr. Mello”.

That all changed when Daniel was 6 months old and developed his first ear infection. His inability to sleep through the night and his unpleasant disposition were foreign experiences. The runny nose associated with the infection was uncomfortable. The standard prescription from the pediatrician of amoxicillian treated the condition – for the next 3 weeks until Daniel developed another ear infection.

The cycle repeated itself for another 3 years when finally
the doctor suggested that Daniel see an ear, nose and throat specialist to see about having tubes installed in Daniel’s eardrums. This was not an idea I favored, but I was desperate to find my son some relief from his discomfort and my having to miss work and spend incredible amounts of money for a temporary treatment.

So, Daniel had the surgery and, much to our disappointment, he continued to have ear infections the whole year that the tubes were in place.

Finally, I had begun working with Ann Marie & Cary Rothenburger, distributors for GNLD, and she explained how the medication helped with the infection, but also depleted the body of its own natural, infection-fighting bacteria. Thus, the seemingly endless cycle of medications, and yet no healing.

Cary showed Dan how the tiny capsule of acidophilus could be swallowed with a liquid and Daniel was pleased that he was able to swallow without a problem. We started
taking the acidophilus on a daily basis and Daniel has not had an ear infection since then. Upon reflection, Daniel exclaimed one day, “Mom, that man (Cary) saved my life!” Daniel has been free of ear infections now for 6 years!

Many thanks go to Cary and Ann Marie for being so knowledgeable and helpful with the GNLD product line.”

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