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Cruciferous Plus Why you need crucifers

Do you turn up your nose at broccoli, cauliflower,

Brussels sprouts and collard greens? Even if they’re

not your favorites, they’ve got something you need:

crucifers! Research links a cruciferous-rich diet with

healthy, normal cells and tissues — primarily of the

breast and prostate, as well as colon, uterus, ovaries,

digestive tract and more.1, 2

Carotenoid Complex

Lycopene and cis-Lycopene are associated with

healthy tissues of the prostate, digestive tract,

pancreas and stomach.*15, 16, 17

Flavonoid Complex

Research shows that antioxidants help strengthen

the immune system, support cardiovascular health,

and promote healthy, normal cells, tissues, DNA,

protein and lipids.*7, 8, 9, 10


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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 17:28

Prostate (9/19/2007)

I discussed my issue of a recent high PSA level (5.0)test results at the Navarre Beach,

Florid session last month.My urologist gave me two weeks to have another PSA test

before proceeding with a comprehensive biopsy. He was going to extract twenty (20)

tissue samples under sedation. I followed your advice and increased my GNLD Daily

Carotenoid Complex to six (6) capsules per day while continuing the Pro Vitality

Program for the 16 days before my PSA test.

I received my results today. PSA Total 1.8

PSA Free 28% (25% or above is considered normal)

Thank you, Alan Faye, for sharing this information.

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