Subject: Re: Cholesterol Testimonial
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:51:03 EDT
Hi Merenna,
Duane and my Cholesterol Risk Ratio were both 5.5, a heart attack ready to
By taking four GNLD Lipotropic Adjunct tablets just as we started to eat each
meal, in one year, we both brought our risk ratio down to 2.2. Incredibly
simple to do and No Drugs!.
At the same time, we lowered our triglycerides by over 100 points and brought
our Homocysteine level well within the normal range for Homocysteine.
Duane and Betty T
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The following was taken from Pearson’s Health and Nutrition Newsletter, April, 2004

From the Journal of The American Medical Association, an article called “Clinical Applications of Fish Oils” says that fish oil lowers blood fats (cholesterol and triglycerides), may decrease blood pressure, lowers risk of a clot-induced heart attack or stroke, and increases the good cholesterol. The article goes on to say a potential role for treatment of some autoimmune diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis is suggested. Their article says…”Every Patient experienced a decrease in both cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The decreases were astounding – cholesterol levels decreased by 45%”

Remember: The purest Omega-3 Supplement on the Market is GNLD’s Omega III Salmon Oil!

Re: Cholesterol

Darell’s cholesterol was at 277; his triglycerides were at 1467. In January Darell started on

4 to 6 Lipotropic per day, 2 Formula IV and l Salmon Oil per day.

He also started to reduce sugar consumption. After 30 days he rechecked his levels; his cholesterol had dropped 77 points to 200. His triglycerides dropped 1267 points down to 200. Darell says he also has more energy.

LIPOTROPIC ADJUNCT: the main ingredients in Lipotropic Adjunct are choline and inositol, which are parts of B-Complex. The Nutritional Almanac says these nutrients may help lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. These nutrients are very helpful for the health of the liver, kidneys, eyes, brain and arteries. Blood flow to the eyes and visual disturbances and glaucoma may be helped by these nutrients. Because choline is a fat and cholesterol dissolver, it may be crucial for healthy arteries. The ingredients in GNLD’s Lipotropic Adjunct combat dangerous homcysteine levels.

Dr. Massara, M.D. from Reno, Nevada tested three people giving them two Lipotropic each meal. The results are as follows:

Pre-Test 6 Weeks Later Total
Subject #1
Cholesterol 319 282 -37
Triglycerides 1019 782 -237

Subject #2
Cholesterol 340 191 -149
Triglicerides 819 171 -648

Subject #3
Cholesterol 292 230 -62
Triglicerides 363 181 -182

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At the time that Jim Collins wrote a letter to Don Lawson he was an attorney with the Federal Government. Jim had a cholesterol test which showed his cholesterol at 274. Jim began taking 4 Lipotropic Adjunct a day and his next exam showed his cholesterol to be 140. 

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It’s hard to understand why someone would jump for joy when they were told their cholesterol was 247 points. But, that’s exactly what Faye did the last time she had it checked. The person checking it was caught a little off balance by Faye’s reaction and said to Faye in a concerned tone, “Honey, that’s high!” hoping to keep things in proper perspective. But that didn’t stop Faye’s celebration and she’s been jumping for joy ever since.
Faye is a co-worker of mine and unfortunately she had to leave work this past winter to take care of her husband who passed away this spring from cancer. During this whole process, Faye was under extreme stress and began to suffer from health issues like elevated cholesterol. The doctors were quite concerned for her too.
I found out about Faye’s cholesterol problem about three weeks ago and knew that GNLD could help her. I just happened to have a bottle of Formula IV and Salmon Oil on hand and told her a little about what these products had done for me and my family. Faye left with them and started taking the products right away.
It just so happened, three weeks later, Faye was in Wal-Mart and they were doing free cholesterol screenings. Over the previous weeks, Faye began feeling like a new person. She felt so good that she started some light exercise and adjusted her eating habits. So, she decided to go ahead and have her cholesterol checked. And, that’s when she jumped for joy! When the bemused person said to her, “Honey, that’s high!” Faye joyfully responded, “Not when it used to be 497!”
Now you can see why Faye was so excited. Her cholesterol came down 250 points in three weeks on GNLD’s Formula IV and Salmon Oil.
Best wishes,
In November, 2004, my blood pressure was 157/78 and my cholesterol was 257.  I couldn’t tolerate the medication the doctor gave me for cholesterol and was given nothing for my high blood pressure.  I started on Salmon Oil in January and, in just one month and in just one month my blood pressure has come down to 120/70 and my cholesterol has dropped to 231.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results. 
Thank you for your helpful suggestions.
Gene (and Pat)
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Moving In The Right Direction
By Shirley

Here are my results after one week on Salmon Oil – 6 capsules a day,
Garlic Allium Complex and primarily vegetables and lean meats. 

My Total Cholesterol went from 320 to 263 – Normal is 100-199
My Triglycerides went from 346 to 208 – Normal is 0-149
My VLDL went from  69 to 42 – Normal 5-40
My LDL went from 205 to 185 – Normal 0-99

The doctor at the health department was new to me and he didn’t compare the results from my last visit. He only complained that the cholesterol was too high and I should go on drugs for that. I know my results are not in the “normal” range yet, but they’re moving in the right direction. I refused the drugs and told him I was going to take care of it with diet. He also said that I should be taking Omega 3 oils. I told him I was taking Salmon Oil and he asked me who told me to do so. I told him I did my own research online and he said the media is helping to educate people!  By the way, he didn’t notice that I lost 16 pounds in the last two weeks either.


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A 213 Point Drop in Cholesterol And Much More!
By Richard

My mom went to the doctor last May and had her cholesterol checked. It was 402. The doctor put her on a cholesterol medication that she took for 1 week and had a severe reaction to it. She woke up in the middle of the night and could not breathe and had pain in her legs so bad she couldn’t stand. This lasted for about an hour, so she stopped taking the

In October (I think that’s when I joined GNLD) she started taking the Salmon Oil, Lipotropic Adjunct, and Formula IV Plus. In January she went to the doctor for some chest congestion and they confirmed that in May she had a heart attack. Because of her record of high cholesterol, they immediately wanted her to check into the hospital where they found that her heart attack was caused by an abnormal beating of her heart and weakening of her heart muscle “most likely caused by an adverse reaction to the medication prescribed.” In other words, they think that the cholesterol med caused muscle cramps and tightening that weakened her heart muscle and her heart was only beating 45-50 bpm.

They installed a pacemaker which immediately cleared the chest congestion and restored her energy and 1 week later scheduled a stress test to determine where blockages are and what percentages, etc. She had the stress test and it came back “unusual”. The doctor said that there had to be blockages that were contributing factors so he scheduled a heart catheterization. She had that last week along with a full blood panel. EVERY area they tested came back 100% FREE OF BLOCKAGES. The test had been abnormal because she was healthier than she should have been! Not only that, but her cholesterol level was 189 and all HDL/LDL/Triglyceride levels were mid range of normal.
She only took one bottle of the Lipotropic Adjunct, but she has been on the Salmon Oil and Formula IV Plus each month since she started. I just thought that the reduction was phenomenal and the doctor’s assertion that the cholesterol medication (taken only 1 week) could actually have contributed or even caused the heart attack is unbelievable. I know that Statin drugs are nasty things, but this was really scary.

Thanks again from me and my family,

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Success Story:

Being a cop all my life has made me quite suspicious. But I’ve got to tell
you, your claim about Salmon Oil wasn’t phony! Nothing has ever done this
to my cholesterol before.

I had my blood work done in January and after years of trying everything
else my cholesterol was still 240. I listened to what you had to say about
your product and decided I’d give it until my next blood work-up which was
just a couple of days ago. And to my surprise, in just over 2 months my
cholesterol dropped 49 points and I’m now in the “normal” range. My LDL
dropped over 50 points and my triglycerides fell over 100 points. This is
the first time this has ever happened and I’ve never felt better. Like I
said before, there’s nothing phony about your product.


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Cholesterol:  Myth vs. Reality
from: Aviation Bulletin  and “What We Know” from GNLD
There is alot of talk about cholesterol.  In fact, about half of all Americans have levels that are too high.  Almost everyone knows that too much cholesterol gums up the arteries, setting the stage for a heart attack.  However, most do not understand the complexities of cholesterol.  This lack of knowledge has led to the creation of many false facts.  Here is the truth about seven popular cholesterol myths:
Cholesterol is inherently bad.
           REALITY:   All mammals need cholesterol to survive.
           MYTH:        High cholesterol is dangerous
           REALITY:   High cholesterol is not a problem by itself.  But an unfavorable ratio of “good” to
                                “bad” choleseterol, along with factors such as your weight, the amount of exercise you get, and 
                                your family health history could be trouble.
           MYTH:        People who have heart attacks have high cholesterol.
           REALITY:   Although high cholesterol is a significant risk factor in heart disease, some people
                                develop heart disease and have heart attacks even though their cholesterol levels are normal or
                                even low.
           MYTH:       You must cut out cholesterol-containing foods if you are to lower your blood
                                cholesterol levels.
           REALITY:   Cholesterol in the blood comes from your diet but also from the cholesterol your 
                                liver makes.  In fact, your liver makes far more cholesterol than you eat.  So cutting back on
                                dietary cholesterol may have little effect.
           MYTH:       I should avoid eggs to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.
           REALITY:  Several published studies show that an egg or two a day has little effect on people
                               with normal cholesterol levels.
           MYTH:      If I follow a low-fat diet and exercise a lot, my cholesterol levels will go down.
           REALITY: Some people’s genetic makeups mean that lifestyle changes alone – no matter how 
                              rigorously they’re followed – won’t be enough to bring cholesterol levels into the safe zone. 
           MYTH:      Young people don’t have high cholesterol.
           REALITY: Everyone from age 20 up should have their cholesterol measured.  Studies have
                              shown that plaque can build up in the arteries that supply blood to the heart as early as the late
                              Source: Cut Your Cholesterol
                                           Aviation Medical Bulletin

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GNLD can make a difference in your cholesterol levels: 
You already know that high LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoking can burden your healthy heart.  Recently, scientists have discovered another cardiovascular health indicator: homocysteine levels.  A highly potent oxidant, homocysteine is a byproduct of normal metabolism which can accumulate, adding to the burden on your cardiovascular system.  On the other hand, healthy homocysteine levels promote normal blood vessel dilation and proper circulation.
Why You Need Lipotropic Adjunct and why GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board created Lipotropic Adjunct………
Pioneering research indicates moderate homocysteine levels are important for long-term health of your blood vessels, arteries, heart, brain and more!  Scientists believe high  homocysteine results from a deficienty of folic acid, B6, B12, choline and/or betaine, which are often missing from foods; destroyed by milling, heating, chemical additives, radiation and storage.  If you eat a lot of processed foods, sugars and fats, you invite further deficiencies.  The good news: now you can support healthy homocysteine levels nutritionally!  Advanced Formula Lipotropic Adjunct was developed specifically to address the regulation of homocysteine and assist lipid metabolism.


Why You Need GNLD’s Salmon Oil Plus

Scientists tell us omega-3 fatty acids help keep your heart and arteries healthy, help you maintain normal cholesterol levels, and more!  Researchers recommend 2-3 servings of omega-3 rich fish per week.  If you are like most people, you’re lucky to get 1 serving a week.  Three capsules of GNLD’s Salmon Oil gives you the benefits you need.

  • Balanced ratios of EPA and DHA
  •  Only body oils from edible portions of fresh, healthy fish are accepted, never organs that may collect toxins.
  •  Delivers important lipotropic factors
  •  Three capsules deliver the value of one 3-4 oz. serving of fresh fish
  •  Every batch is laboratory validated for purity and potency/tested for 160 contaminants
  •  Potency guaranteed two years after manufacture.
  •  No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


Why You Need GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex
Scientific Research shows that 3 Carotenoid Complex a day gives 500% more Antioxidant power within the arteries to keep plaque from forming and also to help the Lipotropic Adjunct to get rid of plaque.
Just one bottle of Carotenoid Complex gives you the Antioxidant equivalent of eating 250 lbs of raw fruits and vegetables.

Order from your GNLD distributor:
#3510     Lipotropic Adjunct
#3502     Salmon Oil Plus
#3300     Carotenoid Complex

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A recent e-mail from one of our satisfied customers read as follows:

“Merenna, please send me 3 bottles of the Lipotropic Adjunct” John B.

“PS:  My son-in-law, Duane N., will be calling you to place an order of Lipotropic Adjunct.  I gave him a bottle and his total Cholesterol went from 255 down to 176 in a two week period of time.  I advised him to take three tablets a day.”


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7 Reasons to promote circulatory health with Lipotropic Adjunct

  1. Complete, concentrated Formula
  2. B-vitamins from biologiclly-bound yeast
  3. Resist the deposition of fats with concentrated lipotropic factors, choline and inositol.
  4. Betaine hydrochloride (HC1) helps support the metabolic cycle
  5. Citrus bioflavonoids
  6. Exclusive SAB-developed formula
  7. Nutrients delivered in balanced, optimal ratios

 Lipotropic Adjunct  #3510

Order yours today from your GNLD (Neo-Life) Distributor.  There is Science behind our supplements and, always remember,

                                        ………………………..…………Health is Wealth!


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Producs used:  Formula IV Plus, Salmon Oil Plus, GR2 Weight Loss Program

“Over a year ago I was diagnosed as an overweight diabetic with high cholesterol. Soon after that I started taking Formula IV Plus, Salmon Oil Plus and the GR2 Weight Loss program. At my recent physical, 9 months after starting on my “Feel Better” program, my physician informed me that I had lost 40 pounds, I was no longer a diabetic and that he was taking me off of my 3 cholesterol medications. He told me to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’ve never felt better. What a difference your products make!
Thank you!” – Clay

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