Children Raised On GNLD and MS Testimony

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Dear Merenna and Staff at GNLD Sedona

Regarding Multiple Sclerosis,

I’m expecting my first grandchild this month. It is a girl. My baby boy [26 years old] is the daddy to be.

My two older children have no children. Laurie is 32. Christopher is 29. All my children were raised on GNLD Neo Life.

Stephen, my youngest, is the only one who started on Neo Life intra-uterine. He was born the strongest and smartest baby of my three.

At only hours old in the hospital of his birth, everyone was astounded to see Stephen in the nursery lift his head and shoulders to turn his head from left to right as he lay on his stomach.

Nurses were shocked and said they never saw a newborn do a “push-up”.

Also, I have Multiple Sclerosis, and my physician is amazed that my MS remains in relapse / remitting status. This year I will turn 60 years old, and I am the healthiest of all her MS patients. I know GNLD Neo Life is now and has, for decades, been a powerful support to my well being.

I notice an obvious health decline when I forget to take my Neo Life supplements.

Your friend,


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