Blood Clots

GNLD Vitamin E

From Laura and Ron

Laura is a midwife and Ron is a Homeopath – they share with us the following testimonial:

“We had something exciting happen you may want to pass on”

A friend of ours had a blood clot in her leg and was hospitalized for a week about a month ago.  The blood clot didn’t dissolve and she came home with a leg that hurt constantly.  When she called us about something unrelated to her leg last week, I suggested she let Ron see if he could help her, and she stopped by.  I tested the Vitamin E for her. The GNLD E tested essential, and the less expensive but really good E we sometimes sell wasn’t strong enough to do much.  She did what Ron prescribed which included taking the GNLD Vitamin E in the morning and at night.  Her leg was no longer painful after the first day and there was no sign of a bloodclot anywhere by the 3rd day.

Thank you, GNLD!

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