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Donald E. Pickett, founder of the Neo-Life Company (now GNLD) shared the story of his own struggle with lower back pain in 1978. He injured his back in 1946. The back began to deteriorate rapidly despite treatments by chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical doctors. He was informed that the cartilage or discs in his back had totally deteriorated and fusion of the spine was strongly recommended. Instead he chose to wear a large steel structure called a “chair brace”. He wore this apparatus every day for six years.

 Mr. Pickett met Dr. Dean Conrad of Urbana, Ohio, one day. Dr. Conrad observed and felt the brace and then asked, “Would you like to get rid of that brace?” Mr. Pickett responded with an emphatic “YES”!

 Dr. Conrad suggested taking 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil with 2 ounces of hot milk just before bedtime every day. Mr. Pickett, almost from desperation, began the regimen immediately. Ten days later he woke one morning without his familiar and constant lower back pain. He felt brave enough to take the back brace off a week later and never wore it again. Many years later examination of his back found none of the spinal abnormalities that had been observed years earlier.

 Many years ago my father suffered from severe back pain. Mr. Pickett shared this story with him and then gave him a bottle of cod liver oil capsules from his own supply. The supplement worked so well for my father that my mother suggested Mr. Pickett make the cod liver oil available as a supplement through his nutrition company. He did just that.

 The magic ability of cod liver oil to alleviate many cases of back pain was greeted with a good deal of disbelief even by Mr. Pickett. Our greater understanding of nutrition today enables us to understand that cod liver oil is a rich source of vitamins A and D, both of which are necessary for healthy bones. Cod liver oil also contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 oils.

 Back pain may be caused by weakening of the bones and muscles of the back or by putting excessive strain on them. A common cause of excessive stress on the bones and muscles of the lower back is unreasonable weight gain. The obvious solution here is to lose weight, but a weight loss program that does not supply the nutrients necessary to build and maintain healthy bones can result in increased back pain, even if weight loss does take place. Bones starved of good nutrition become weaker.

 The natural tendency when one suffers with back pain is to avoid exercise and movement when the back hurts. Proper exercise will often reduce pain. A good physical therapist is able to provide competent guidance regarding the proper exercises for lower back pain. Chiropractic treatments and massage are sometimes helpful for those who suffer from chronic back pain as well.

 Several factors contribute to weakening of the bones or bone loss. A diet that contains highly acid foods and beverages weakens bones. The body uses minerals from the bones to buffer and excrete excess acids in the diet. Alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables are generally high in bone-building and sustaining minerals. Acid foods such as meats, grains, sugar and sodas provide little in the way of beneficial minerals, but considerable acid that must be buffered and excreted. Eating more alkaline foods or supplementing with alkaline minerals has been demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of lower back pain.


  • Consume adequate water to prevent dehydration

  • Increase fruits and vegetables in the diet.

#3309 Phytodefense

#3300 Carotenoid Complex

#3301 Cruciferous Daily

#3302 Flavinoid Complex

  • Supplement with alkaline minerals, including calcium and magnesium

#3403 Chelated Cal-Mag Calcium

  • Supplement with salmon oil or eat salmon

#3502 Salmon Oil Plus

  • Take Cod Liver Oil with warm milk before bed. The capsules make taking Cod Liver Oil more pleasant and protect oils from oxidation.

#3560 Cod Liver Oil

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Excerpts from Jim McAfee’s book “Your Body’s Sign Language” 

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