Alcoholism - Alcoholic

Plan for the Alcoholic

In my Professional and personal opinion:

1.  The alcoholic must CHOOSE a program of correction.  That choice is not the responsibility of anyone else.

2.  That person must TAKE CHARGE of making a plan of action – meaning changes in diet, and in time line of eating.

                   A two-hour, regular, daily time line of eating some protein food is the KEY to effect control of self and life!!!

3.  WHY?  The basic problem is that of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) OF WHICH ALCOHOLISM IS ONLY A SYMTOM!

4.  To keep the blood sugar at an even, normal level, one must TOTALLY ABSTAIN from caffeine (coffee, coke, etc,), from nicotine, all SUGAR*, and alcohol because all four trigger an insulin response that “wipes out the blood sugar” and causes physiological changes that make one crave alcohol and feel miserable.

5.  Stopping the alcohol alone is inadequate!!  Also eliminate caffeine, sugar and nicotine.

6.  Institute a lifetime nutritional supplement program to include at least the Essential Fatty Acids, B-complex, Protein and Multi-Minerals.  I would also suggest additional items such as Liver+C, etc.

*Fructose is okay.

                                  Louise Thomas, Ed.D., Ph.D.

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