Alan Faye – Cancer Testimony

Yes . . . sugar a no-no! And white rice turns to sugar in a heartbeat.

Interesting about plastics. I know that just using ordinary plastic drinking water bottles, also release bad toxins, unless the bottles are marked “HDME,” or something like, that on the bottom. Better to carry water in metal containers. Even store-bought plastic water bottles are bad. Many have been sitting in warehouses on shelves, and carcinogenic chemicals will then leach into the drinking water.
Personal experience with prostate cancer: Doc put me on special “hormones” and Lupron for a year. Prostate cancer cells love male testosterone. They feed on it. So the hormone-plus-Lupron treatment is used to kill the male testosterone. Not so good for male macho-ism. After one year: prostate cancer is gone, so I quit the “stuff.” Feel better now.
And yes, do eat a lot of fish!! And so on ……………

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