GNLD Formula IV

Recipe to get rid of Acne

Use the skin care completely….

  • 2 Zinc a day
  • 2Tre-en-en Grain Oils a day
  • Protein twice a day
  • 3 Vitamin E a day
  •  2 Vitamin C
  • 6 Alfalfa
  • 2 or 3 Neo Lax depending on the need
  • 2 Formula IV
  • either PhytoDefense or Carotenoids.
    This has cleared most people up within 30 days.

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GNLD vs. Acutane
By Pete & Sharon

To whom it may concern,

Our daughter’s fiancée, Alex, was diagnosed with cystic acne, which is an extremely painful form of acne characterized by pale, oily skin with large, swollen tumor-like lesions filled with bacteria that appear in various places on the body. He suffered from these for two years before a dermatologist put him on the drug Acutane to get rid of the cysts.

Alex took the Acutane on and off for about 3 years. It was difficult for him to take it constantly because of the horrible side effects he experienced. He had massive mood swings, often getting very agitated and angry for no apparent reason. The cysts would burst, leaving painful sores that took weeks to heal. And he had to go to the doctor almost weekly to be tested for liver damage and elevated cholesterol which are also side effects of Acutane.

Alex finally stopped taking Acutane because the pain and anxiety caused from the drug were worse than the cystic acne. The positive results didn’t even come close to the negative side effects he experienced.

Shortly after meeting Alex, we put him on a GNLD program to address his skin problems. He took Formula IV, Protein, Vitamin A, Salmon Oil, Super B, Carotenoid, Flavonoids and Cruciferous. In one week the cysts began to shrink. In two weeks they actually began to disappear. And in about two months they were completely gone along with the pain.

The side effects Alex experienced with GNLD were all positive. He had more energy. His skin color improved. The oiliness of his skin disappeared. His facial acne cleared up. And he felt better about himself. Actually, Alex was so excited about the results he became a distributor and immediately started his whole family on the GNLD products.

People can’t believe the change in his skin. It actually looks beautiful! He is thrilled with the results. And we are thrilled to have a much healthier, happier Alex as our future son-in-law.

Sharon and Pete

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Acne Problems
By David C

I had five kids and all of them were prone to acne (their Mother & I both had severe problems in our teens). We kept them on Formula IV (plus a few other supplements like Vit. A) and they had no problems at all.

When they decided that they didn’t need “those pills” anymore, they would stop taking the supplements and break out again. Then they would start taking them again and their skin would clear up.

We’ve used Formula IV with a number of their friends who had acne and they all had the same positive results.


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Son With Acne

My son had really bad acne. We started him on Active 40 and a GNLD protein and saw a huge difference in the “angriness” of his acne in just one week!
In addition to the basics above, I would add Zinc and Vit. A. It’s made a huge difference!


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