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Isagenix Essentials – A Straight Review

Isagenix Essentials really is nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill multivitamin packs which contain nutrients from synthetic and NON-human food sources. They’re long on story but short on substance. Like many of these companies, they sell consumers on the importance of nutrients BUT provide products that deliver a much inferior source than the human body wants.

Here are some examples. From the men’s and women’s version: Chromium picolinate: not a “real” form of chromium, but rather a diluted form of chromium made with salts. Grape seed extract: the nutrition is found in the flesh and skin of the grape, NOT the seeds Flax seed oil, Borage Oil and Primrose oil: NOT considered human edible oils by the USDA and many nutritional experts.

Interestingly, there is NO source provided for their omega 3 fatty acids (it doesn’t even say it’s “fish”). For all we know it could be sea cucumber or even algae!!! AND the concentration is very low. NO source is provided for the vitamin A (as beta-carotene), which means it could be dunaliella salina (pond scum), acetylene gas, or something worse.

If they’re not listing the sources for some of their nutrients on the labels, then one must assume they’re not very proud of them because if they were they’d want consumers to know how great their sources are and what better way to communicate this than by putting the info on the label – which they don’t.

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