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Everyone knows the importance of good nutrition and the role supplementation plays in better health and wellness. However, so many products today make so many claims that you need to exercise your mind before you make the right choices for your body. All of us want to enjoy a lifetime of good health and vitality and between infomercials, online pop-up ads, and even cereal boxes, we are bombarded with information promising to help us achieve these goals. While most experts agree that nutritional supplements are necessary in order to fill the gaps in the average diet, with so many products from which to choose-and so many lower-quality products available—a consumer could actually lull themselves into a false sense of security simply by making the wrong choices.

When looking for information on how to supplement the average adult diet, a good starting place is the USDA Food Pyramid. An internationally recognized guideline, the USDA Food Pyramid outlines the nutritional basis for good health and disease prevention. GNLD and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) agree that following the lead of the food pyramid is a good first step to good health. Although the USDA suggests that the foundation of a healthy diet must be built on whole grains, only 7% of adults meet the minimum recommendation of three servings per day.

Sadly, through common food processing techniques, even foods labeled “whole grain”routinely have lipids and sterols removed from their grain. These key food factors offer many benefits impacting the function of every cell in our bodies! Fruits and vegetables-specifically carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables-make up the second most important layer of the pyramid. Carotenoids are the lipid-soluble portion of foods that give them their brilliant colors-the red in tomatoes, orange in carrots, and green in spinach.
Carotenoids play critical roles in health by providing antioxidant protection and supporting healthy immune function. However, like whole grains, few adults receive the minimum recommended daily servings of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables. And what about the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids we’ve been hearing about? How important are they? Well, the USDA has placed them next on the pyramid as fatty fish! Omega-3 fatty acids play many roles in cardiovascular protection, inflammation reduction, and brain and central nervous system growth, development, and protection.

The latest science underscores the importance of all eight members of the omega-3 fatty acid family-not just the two most known, EPA and DHA. Unfortunately, as with whole-grains and carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acid intake for most adults is considerably lower than the USDA recommendation, even though all of these foods, and the nutrients they contain come from within the human food chain. Because the human food chain is the best source for proper nutrition, you won’t see any recommendations for unknown plants from obscure regions of the world in the USDA Food Pyramid-or from GNLD!

Actually, when GNLD says, “Based in nature, backed by Science,” it’s an established fact. GNLD products come from natural, healthy, food sources and are backed by the SAB-and the USDA Food Pyramid! Tre-en-en®Grain Concentrates with lipids and sterols supplement the whole grains most adults are missing. Carotenoid Complex™ with carotenoids from carrots, tomatoes, spinach, apricots, strawberries, and peaches supplement the antioxidant protection missing from the average diet.

GNLD products that provide critical omega-3 fatty acids include Omega III Concentrate™,Omega-3 Salmon Oil™, and Salmon Oil Plus.™ These supplements provide nutrients that are recommended by the USDA and experts worldwide. Still, in addition to feeling overwhelmed by product choices, many may wish important, complementary supplements were sold together to lessen the confusion.

GNLD’s Pro Vitality Pack contains Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates, Carotenoid Complex, Omega-3 Salmon Oil, and Carotenoids. Quality products that are critical for good health and brought together to complement your nutritional needs—that’s the GNLD Difference. You could try mixing and matching various products, hoping they are pure in content, hoping they follow Nature’s Blueprint, and hoping they complement each other to support your nutritional needs. Or you could GNLD’s Pro Vitality Pack a part of your diet. You Decide! Proven Power Or A Mis-Matched Risk?


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GNLD Products offers whole foodsupplements that enhance your nutrition at a cellular level. A healthy lifestyle you can afford! Sponsored by GNLD Products!

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