ted and merenna morrow

Ted, a captain for TWA (now American Airlines) retired, and Merenna have built a very prosperous international business with GNLD/Neolife since 1964. Having started their business while living on the east coast, Merenna and Ted moved to Arizona in 1982 and merged their business with Merenna’s mother, Irene Rader, to form Rader and Morrow Health Concepts, International.

They continue to help others by showing how you can achieve maximum health with Gnld  products naturally!

We have helped thousands of people to a better and healthier lifestyle financially through the GNLD/Neolife Business Opportunity. Your opportunity of health and wealth is waiting for you right now.

Tim, son of Ted and Merenna, is following in his father’s footsteps as an airline pilot for US Airways living between Columbus, Montana and Scottsdale, Arizona. Tim has had the opportunity to benefit from GNLD/Neolife in many ways as a Gnld distributor providing him freedom for summer trips around the world with his busy schedule.

And then there is Sky, Tim’s Border Collie and best friend, who also benefits from the GNLD/Neolife products.   Between the two of them you will not see much lounging around.

For over 50 years GNLD/Neolife have been out to build the world’s largest leading nutritional company; we set out to build a community of people who care about their health.

GNLD/Neolife is a company and community who shares, who cares and strives to change the way you live. We are confident that you will discover that we help others live their best by offering Exceptional Products, a team of Dynamic Leaders and a Limitless Opportunity.

After all your Health is your Wealth!



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